DB2 Consultancy when you need it

Ensuring your information management systems are properly maintained and keeping them within tight budgets can be a real challenge. This is especially the case when levels of support and consultancy vary throughout the year.

Cost - People costs are an increasing proportion of many IT budgets and skilled IT specialists can be an expensive resource but costs can't be justified for full time managed services.

Skills - With constantly evolving database technology it is difficult for DBA's to keep up their DB2 for z/OS skills. Continuous training is required. In smaller installations it can be particularly hard to keep everyone up to date with the latest functions and features.

Get a tailored consultancy solution

The consultancy on demand offering is designed for customers who need varying levels of support and consultancy during peak periods. With Consultancy On Demand an amount of consultancy hours can be purchased in advance which can then be used as needed.

The Hours, weeks or months  can be used for DB2 training, consultancy,  application tuning work or to provide specific skills where needed.

Suggested approach:

You can purchase hours, weeks or months of service.

Now attach the consultancy resources required to your technical and application projects during the year.

Are you interested? Please contact us for further information on our services.

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